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  A leaky ceiling is one of the most annoying issues homeowners face. The constant drips that need caught, the hassle of needing to get it fixed but maybe having to wait depending on what day of the week or season it is, and the worry that it will cause more problems the longer it goes o...

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Complete Ann Arbor Roof Replacement - We were contacted by a client in Ann Arbor who needed the roof of their home replaced. This was an extensive project that included insulation, roof decking replacement and installation of new shingles.Removing Old Shingles. As you can see by the images below, wh...

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Cleaning and maintaining gutters is one of those jobs that no one seems to like and everyone wants to postpone. We all know we should clean and maintain our gutters, but maybe not why or specifically how. Knowing the damages that can occur if gutters are left cluttered and in disrepair just may prom...

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