Most roofs will last up to 15 years before they are expected to show signs that repair is needed. You may experience damage prior to the 15 year mark caused by extreme weather or damage that has physically been done to your roof. What should you keep an eye on when that 15 year mark is approaching?

Flashing Damage- Flashing is applied to reinforce areas of your roof that are naturally weaker than others. Areas where flashing is commonly applied are around the chimney or valleys of your roof. Valleys are where two parts of your roof come together. Flashing is used in these areas because they are most common areas for leaks  to occur. If you are experiencing leaks that seem to be coming from these areas or can visually see damage, it is recommended to get your flashing repaired to prevent further damage or water damage to your homes interior. Ceiling Spots-Are you seeing water spots on your ceiling or bubbling to your interior pain on your ceiling? If so, it is almost certain that you have a roof leak. Make your way to your attic or crawl space above your home to check support beams for water damage. Some leaks can be fixed by patching the spot to prevent future leaks, but it is always good to have a roofing professional take a look to ensure that it is not a problem that will worsen and cause much more costly repairs. Algae or Staining-Algae or staining often appears as dark spots or stains on your roof. If you notice that you may have algae or staining on your roof, contacting a roofing professional is important as algae can cause major problems to your roof or home. Missing Shingles- Shingles are the main source of protection when it comes to water and other elements produced by weather. If you have shingles missing, whether they were not properly installed or blown off by severe weather, ensuring that they are replaces immediately is important. Shingles can often be easily replaced individually unless a deeper problem is present.

Other important signs to pay attention to to ensure your roof is performing at its highest performance are:

  • Buckling
  • Curling
  • Rotting
  • Missing Granules
If you feel that your roof is starting reach its lifespan, contact Roof Advance today for a free quote on getting your roof replaced or repaired.