Ensuring that your roof is ready for the extreme temperatures that come along with winter in Michigan is very important to ensure that your home does not experience any preventable structural damage or water damage. We have broken down how you can prepare your roof for winter into: Who? What? and Why?


Sure, you can get a ladder and visually assess if your roof has obvious damage that may have been caused by storms, falling branches, or old age, but do you know what to look for?

Professional roofers at Roof Advance are able to inspect your roof prior to winter to determine if repairs are needed. It is recommended to hire a professional to look at your roof because something that may seem like a small problem to you, may actually be a problem that if not fixed before winter, can turn into a big problem and an even bigger mess. WHAT?

When assessing you roof for damages, you will want to know what to look for. If you know of any leaks inside of your home, look in that area on your roof for damage such as rot or missing shingles.  Common areas where leaks occur are around chimneys, skylights, or where two peaks meet. Leaks will worsen during the winter as snow accumulates and adds weight to your roof's structure.

Look at your gutters and ensure that you have cleared them of debris that have accumulated during the fall. Most likely you will have a ton of leaves to clean out, ensuring that water can properly flow to the downspout and away from your home. Cleaning your gutters will reduce the risk of ice dams forming which can weigh down your gutters and possibly rip them off your home.

Another area to check when assessing your roof for damages before the winter that many homeowners forget about are the vents in their kitchen. Be sure to check the airflow to ensure that your kitchen ventilation is going outdoors and not into the empty space in your roof's support structure. If your vents are blowing into your roof space, with the cold temperatures, this can cause dew and dampness where it doesn't belong.

WHY? So, why is it so important to check your roof for damages prior to winter arriving?The weight and damage that snow and ice brings can cause major damage if not properly taken care of. Getting repairs done before they become too bad can save you tons of money or even the possibility of having to get an entirely new roof before planned.

Hiring a professional roofer from Roof Advance will assure you that all of your problems are spotted and repaired before winter. If you know that you need to completely replace your roof, contact us today to get a free quote. You  may want to consider a full roof replacement in Michigan if your roof is over 20 years old or you have a low quality roof.