roof installation ann arborWe recently had the privilege of installing some  new shingles on a lovely home in Ann Arbor MI.  We are happy to say that it is even more lovelier now. Our clients made a great decision to go with Scotchguard Shingles from Atlas. You can learn more about these shingles by going here . Over time a roof's shingles can become very dirty but that may not be actually what is happening. 3862Some of these roofs that appear to be old and dirty may not be. It could be caused by algae that is growing there. This algae that can grow on roofs can leave awful looking black streaks everywhere. when this occurs it will completely change the color of your roof and make it look much more older than it really is. The shingles that we use have copper granules that are released over time and will stop the algae dead in their tracks.

Having these shingles installed for your home will make such a difference to the appearance of your home. remember that your roof can make up to 50 % of your home's exterior. To view more of the roofing materials we us visit our materials page.

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