Its Saturday morning and the your alarm didn't go off. You notice that its blinking 12:00 over and over. The realization comes that you must have lost power. The hope was that the severe thunderstorm would have missed your location to the north. However, like usual the mighty weatherman couldn't predict the future. Another painful thought comes to your mind about something a friend told you a year back.  You race into the garage and pull out a ladder and hurry up onto your roof.  "Oh I hope there is no  roof damage." you mutter to yourself. hail-damage-liftetime-commercial-roofingYour friend experienced some roof damage after lasts year storm and urged you to have a roofing contractor come out and do in an inspection. They needed a roof repair due to some hidden roof damage due b high winds and hail. Fortunately they caught it in time. You think to yourself better be safe than sorry. Do you need a roof replacement? Do you have general questions about what your options for roofing systems are?  Below are some common roofing types and some information on how long they last. Wood Shake 14- 20 years Asphalt Shingles 10 -30 years Metal Steel 50 + years Slate 50 + years Tile / Concrete 50 + years Single Ply




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