It’s hard to believe that the Michigan winter is far behind us but, believe it or not, spring will soon be coming to a close and we’ll be barreling fast inSummer Ready at Roof Advanceto summer. As usual for Michiganders, winter’s abrupt end leaves us a little bewildered with the improved weather. While we’re tentatively embracing sandals and t-shirts, summer’s heading our way at full-speed. If you’re like us then you’ll sometimes be a little  surprised by the sudden increase in heat and humidity and, among other things, find that your home isn’t quite ready for summer duty. Whether you have young kids, teenagers, an empty-nest, or no children at all, chances are those evening sunsets will beckon you outside. In this blog we’ll give you a few tips and ideas on how to get your home operating at full sun-loving capacity. Here’s to making this season an unforgettable summer!

Make way for MSummer Ready at Roof Advanceore

There’s probably not a whole lot that goes on in your backyard during the winter. Besides the occasional jaunt, your dogs likely didn’t dig any holes, those pesky squirrels were snuggled away in their acorn-coma, and you probably didn’t feel like doing any outdoor grilling. That’s all about to change as the summer sun draws near and you’ll need to be making room for more—more people, more gatherings, and more fun! Take a quick survey of your yard. Is there anything that can be done away with? Do you have room for an outdoor table/eating area? What about a place to sunbathe (with SPF, of course)? If you want to be spending more time out of doors this summer then you’ll want to make your backyard as people-friendly as possible. Create a space that’s perfect for lounging with a good book and perhaps even a kiddo-friendly zone where all their toys are stored in one place.  Don't forget about the grill! Making room for more fun is always a good thing.

Start a GardenSummer Ready at Roof Advance

Now’s the time to start planting if you’re looking forward to fresh veggies this summer. If you have the space, consult with a garden-specialist and figure out where to plant in your yard. Or, you can always buy reusable and eco-friendly felt containers that brings your garden right to your porch or deck. Be sure to plant according to sun/shade capacity. A few ours on a Saturday has the potential to reap the fruits of your labor for the months to come!

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