Two MAJOR Summer Roofing Problems 

Ah, at last! We’ve finally breached the threshold from an extended Michigan winter, to rainy spring, to summer and we couldn’t be more excited! While spring kicks off roofing season, summers are what get all the action. As an Ypsilanti roofing company, we love what we do!  Few things are quite as satisfying as a job well done. Seeing your hard work pay off for thousands of Michiganders is one of the main reasons we are in the roofing business.  As much as we love summer and all work it brings in, there are a few drawbacks. As temperatures rise it’s important to keep an eye on your roof.  As carefree as summers are, it’s a good idea to regularly investigate your roof to catch any issues sooner than later. In this blog we’ll tell you about the top two problems your roof faces during the summer months.

Heatsummer Roof Advance

Summers are HOT, even way up here in Michigan. Every Michigander knows that just because we boast some of the Nation’s highest snowfall doesn’t mean we aren’t familiar with heat. It’s downright remarkable how intensely hot it can get in Michigan! To protect yourself and your family from harmful UV rays, you likely use sunscreen, especially during the summer. Your roof is no exception. The constant sunshine and UV rays can pose quite a threat to your roof. Over time, sun-rays can cause subtle deterioration to your shingles. If you notice any dryness, breakage, or cracking you should call your local roofing company to take a look at your shingles. It’s important to remember that weather will have an effect on your roof, regardless of the season. Regularly having your roof inspected by a roofing company can dramatically increase the life and longevity of your roof.


We have a love-hate relationship with humidity. While it works wonders for plant life and foliage, humidity can threaten the integrity of your roof. Unlike states like Arizona and Texas, who’s climate can be quite dry and arid, a Michigan summer is often reft with a humidity, which can cause unwanted puckering and even moisture damage to your roof. If your roof is not properly ventilated humidity can cause moisture buildup, especially in your attic, which will cause your roof to weaken overtime. If you suspect your roof isn’t handling the outdoor humidity well, call your local roofing company and ask them to inspect your roof. They should pay special attention to your roof’s ventilation to see if a lack of ventilation is the culprit.

Your home wouldn’t be complete without a trusted, quality roof. As a local Ann Arbor roofing company, we care about our community. Roof Advance has been family owned and operated for over 2summer Roof Advance0 years. During that time, we’ve worked hard to make sure each and every roofing job is done with accuracy and quality. We believe in offering dependable services to our community and strive to offer the best roofing work possible. Schedule your free estimate today and get your home ready for summer fun!

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