Curb Appeal – What’s NOT Appealingcurb appeal roof advance

If you’re in the market to sell your home, chances are you and/or your real estate agent are thinking about ways you can improve your home. As you brainstorm, you may think its important to update your kitchen and bathrooms or finally swap your old carpeting for hardwood floors. While these improvements are certainly noteworthy, they aren’t what’s going to draw people into your home. A competitive price certainly doesn’t hurt, but what truly attracts potential buyers into your home is curb appeal. In this two-part blog series we’ll first walk you through some of the worst curb appeal mistakes that could dramatically decrease the amount of traffic your home may get from potential home buyers.

A Yard in Disarray

As a family owned roofing company, we get it—kids make a mess! And while we love our kiddos to bits, we don’t always love their mess. After a long day of roofing, it’s not exactly a priority to pick up the remnants of our kids’ outdoor playtime. However, if you’re selling a home you’ll want to make sure you declutter your yard. Things like toys, trash, and gardening materials should all be stored away, especially when showing your home. Our local roofing company prides itself in making clean-up a top priority for our clients.

Unique Colors and Patterns

We’ll admit that it is fun to play around with unique colors and patterns when it comes to decorating your home. Nothing shows off your personal style quite like a bright lime green house, BUT, if you’re looking to sell your home, you’ll want to shy away from anything that won’t suit the masses. Avoid bold and flashy colors and stick to a more neutral, muted palette when it comes to color. You’ll also want to place it safe with plants and lawn ornaments. Grandma may love the life-size mermaid fountain in the front yard but chances are, not my buyers will share the same enthusiasm. It’s important that you choose plants, foliage and lawn ornaments that are pretty much pleasing to everything—hard to do, yes, but not as difficult as one might think. For example, while you may love the look of something trendy like brass garden sculptures, you can still keep up with the trends and satisfy potential buyers by doing something a little less, well, trendy. If being trendy is truly important to you, talk with your neighbors and get their opinion. Ask around and see what the consensus has to offer. They might surprise you.

Set the stage!

Home buyers want to see how their lives will play out at this property. Give them something to envision that will make them want to pay top dollar. Highlight unique features like the historical character of your home or modern updates and tech-savvy installments. Do yourself a favor and avoid turning your front porch into that art studio you always wanted or bowling alley for the kids. If you’re looking to sell your home, install a lovely hanging swing and set out a few glasses of lemonade. Buyers will definitely notice!

If you’re in the market to sell your home, don’t forget to pay special attention to your roof. As a local Ann Arbor roofing company, we care about our community. Roof Advance has been family owned and operated for over 20 years. During that time, we’ve worked hard to make sure each and every roofing job is done with accuracy and quality. We believe in offering dependable services to our community and strive to offer the best roofing work possible. Schedule your free estimate today.

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