Curb Appeal – What IS Appealing

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If you’re in the market to sell your home, chances are you and/or your real estate agent are thinking about ways you can improve your home. As you brainstorm, you may think its important to update your kitchen and bathrooms or finally swap your old carpeting for hardwood floors. While these improvements are certainly noteworthy, they aren’t what’s going to draw people into your home. A competitive price certainly doesn’t hurt, but what truly attracts potential buyers into your home is curb appeal. In this two-part blog series we first walked you through some of the worst curb appeal mistakes that could dramatically decrease the amount of traffic you get from potential home buyers. In the 2nd part of this two-part series we’ll walk you some of the BEST curb appeal renovations you can make. By incorporating these changes you’re bound to get more traffic to your home!

A Tidy, Updated Yard

As a family owned Curb Appeal | Roof Advanceroofing company, we get it—kids make a mess! And while we love our kiddos to bits, we don’t always love their mess. In our last blog we talked about how an unkempt yard can greatly deter home buyers. We can’t stress enough how important it is to not only draw home buyers in, but also give them a taste of what life would be like for them if they purchased your home. It might sound tedious but taking the extra time each week to mow and edge your lawn will really make a difference. Buy or rent a power washer and spend a weekend making the exterior of your home shine. If you have a porch with cracked or peeling paint, sand the posts down or consider wrapping beams in new material. Remove dead flowers, weeds, and shrubs and freshen up your garden with a new batch of mulch. One of two weekends of labor will definitely pay off in the long run.

Updated Roofing & Siding

In part one of this blog series we talked about the downside of bold color and patterns when it comes to selling your home. However, this doesn’t mean you have to forego personality entirely. We love the idea of throwing a pop of color to a front door and/or shutters. Give your home an instant facelift and turn a tired looking front door into an eye-catching invitation. Check your local hardware store for complementary color combinations that will stand out while still working with the color scheme of your home.

While painting a door may only take half a day, replacing your roof should be left to the professionals. If you think you can get away with leaving your old roof on your home for a new seller to replace, you might want to reconsider. Nothing deters a potential buyer like the cost of a big-ticket item like a roof replacement. When buyers come to look at your home they will feel relieved when they hear your roof has been recently replaced by a reputable professional team.

A Clean & Comfortable Porch

Home buyers want to see how their lives will play out at this property. Give them something to envision that will make them want to pay top dollar. Highlight unique features of your home and help them catch the vision by updating your front porch. You don’t have to pay top-dollar for new outdoor furniture. Simply shop around at your local thrift stores or online at websites like Craigslist. Old wicker furniture can be completely transformed with a fresh coat of paint. You can even buy special paint for old pillows! The goal is to create a warm and inviting entrance that makes buyers want to see what else your home has to offer.

If you’re in the market to sell your home, always pay special attention to your roof. As a local Ann Arbor roofing company, we care about our community. Roof Advance has been family owned and operated for over 20 years. During that time, we’ve worked hard to make sure each and every roofing job is done with accuracy and quality. We believe in offering dependable services to our community and strive to offer the best roofing work possible. Schedule your free estimate today.

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