Well, it’s time to get your roofing replaced and I’m sure you have a lot of questions to ask your roofer. How long will this process take? How does the severity of the condition of my roof affect my quote? Conducting a roof evaluation will go a long way in avoiding potential damage on your roof. Before starting your roof, it is important to be knowledgeable about the installation process.

1. Roofing Evaluation and Quoting - Your roof plays a vital role in the value of your home. During a roof evaluation, our Roof Advance experts will examine your roof to find any potential or existing problems with your roof at no cost. One of the aspects that will be examined is the appearance of the roof both interior and exterior. This will help give clear us an indication of whether the surface has deteriorated or severely damaged. Other signs of damages that will be examined are proof of cracks, the conditions of the fascia, shingles, vents, and drains. Our expert will search for signs of cracked tiles, spots on the roof where water can be collected, and flashpoints. After your evaluation, we will determine the type of action taken for your roof, give you a quote, and show you shingle colors to choose from! Our company is fully insured and our certified installers will make sure our service is timely, reliable, and budget-friendly to minimize any inconveniences. 2. Roof Replacement - Most roofs can be replaced in 1-2 days. We will protect your home by placing tarps around the outside of your roofing toolshome to protect your bushes and flowers, the best we can. We will also put plywood over your windows for protection. You will have a project manager on-site for the whole project - there to answer any questions you have. We will ensure that the installation of your roof is clean and unobtrusive. 3. Clean up – After repairing your roof there can be debris generated during installation. Our professional contractors are equipped to roofing jobhandle cleanups to make sure your property back to its original condition before starting the project. We remove all debris from your property to make it look like we were never there. The hallmark of our profession is to leave your home in great condition free of trash and rubble. We guarantee that you will have you no worries about the cleanup process. Roof Advance has you covered 100%! 4. Final Inspection - After the roofing project is complete a senior member of our staff will inspect your roof to make sure that our work was done to your satisfaction. We also make sure that everything on your home is up to all state and local codes.

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