Winter is coming to an end and Michigan temperatures are on the rise. With spring around the corner, we know that you will find yourself typing “roofing contractors near me” in your computer search bar. When searching for a roofing company you should always choose a company that has experience in the industry. That brings us to the bigger question- What makes a good roofing company?  Here are the top reasons why you should choose Roof Advance as your Ann Arbor Roofing Company. Overall Experience. Roof Advance offers quality work and guaranteed workmanship that exceeds our customers’ expectations. With over 200 five-star ratings, Roof Advance is one of Michigan’s top Ann Arbor Roofing companies. Our professionally trained contractors use the best materials to provide the best service to our customers. We assure that our customers are involved in every step of the way by providing an on-site staff manager to answer any questions they may have. Here at Roof Advance, we take pride in making your roof our priority. Attention to Details. As the leading Ann Arbor roofing company, we understand that a roof consists of more than just shingles. Roofing systems have several layers such as shingles, underlayment, water barriers, gutters, flashing and more! Our roofing contractors provide a thorough inspection of every layer and replace them with top-quality materials. Financing. We understand that replacing a roof is a big financial commitment. Our Ann Arbor roofing company offers finance options to help make your roof repairs and replacements feasible. You should never compromise the quality of your roof to save money. Because your roof is one of the most important parts of your home, we make sure that our prices are affordable. Click here for more information on our finance options! When it comes to choosing the right Ann Arbor roofing company, quality and expertise are critical. Whether you need your gutters installed, your roof repaired, or need a roof installation, Roof Advance has over 20 years of experience to handle each project flawlessly. We are professional, trustworthy, and provide the highest quality materials to ensure your roof lasts a long time. Choose your Ann Arbor roofing company with confidence by calling (734) 255-3237 or booking an appointment online.