The days are getting brighter and your roof has just survived the sleet, hail, and snow! As we spring forward into the new season it's important to understand that spring also has its own set of roofing problems. Here are the top five problems spring brings that you need to be prepared for.  Damaged Gutters- Homeowners make sure to do their spring cleaning every year but often forget to clean their gutters. During the winter roofing problems - guttersseason, leaves and other debris accumulate into your gutters causing them to rust or sag. Various factors like temperature and strong winds contribute to the integrity of your gutters. If your gutters are clogged, leaky or damaged, our roofing experts provide quality gutter installation and repair services.  Leaks- As the seasons change and the temperature warms, the snow and ice on your home begin to melt. You may soon discover that you have a noticeable leak in your home. If you are unsure of the severity of the leak, our Roof Advance experts offer free quotes and inspections. Avoid extensive damage to your home and give us a call to repair your roofing system as soon as possible. roofing problems - shinglesCurling Shingles- If you experience a harsh winter with freezing weather, the shingles on your home can warp and split. While most shingles can tolerate winter storms, it is still a possibility that a few shingles are damaged. Pest – Hibernation has come to a halt and pests need vacancy! Unfortunately for you, your attic can become an animal resort by ants, squirrels, birds, raccoons or other pests. When pests take residence in your home they ultimately damage your roof, chimney, and eaves. Loose flashings, siding, and holes are all places critters will seek for a cozy place to nest. If you hear weird noises shuffling in your home or notice more animals on your property than normal, call your local animal removal company. After the critters are removed, call Roof Advance so we can inspect your roof and siding for possible signs of damage. Roofing Problems - Chimney Chimney Deterioration- If you live in an older home then it is likely that you have cracks in your chimney. When the ice melts in the spring, the water that seeps between those cracks has the potential to push out the bricks and mortar. If the water continues to leak and you don’t get the cracks fixed you risk the danger of your chimney collapsing. Spring is a vital time to have your roof in tip-top shape. No matter how minor you think your roofing problem is, it is always best to call a roofing expert to check for any potential damages. Roof Advance has been providing quality service to customers for over 20 years. Contact us to book an appointment online or schedule a free inspection.