Spring is the time of the year when most people repair or replace their roof. You may be wondering how you are supposed to do so now that people are being ordered to stay at home. Thankfully, there is still a way to start your roofing project without breaking the social distancing rule with a no-contact roof estimate.

No Contact Communication- Although your roof repairs can not be done over the phone, there are many parts of the process that can be done in other ways such as via phone, video, email, or text. Utilizing virtual methods allows you to stay in contact with your contractor to share important information that is needed for your roofing project.  From sales to consultation, you can still receive high-quality service to keep your family safe. Using Technology-  If there are any visual damages on your roof or inside of your home, you can email or text the photos to your contractor. This will help the contractor understand the extent of damage on your roof without having to enter your home. It is important to ask your roofing company how they plan to have open lines of communication during this process without having to meet in person. Get Your Estimates- There are many different apps that contractors can use to examine your roof. Some contractors use Company Cam to create mock-ups or 3D models to visualize the result of your roofing project.  Our Roof Advance team uses a program that works with Google Aerial Maps and allows us to calculate the square footage of your home without leaving the office. All interactions, including giving a quote, are handled over the phone and email. Signing Contracts- Wondering how you will sign your contract without having face-to-face interactions? Contracts can be signed with electronic signatures! There are several apps like DocuSign that help avoid physical contact. If you find that route too complicated, you can always fax your signed contract over via email. Onsite Work-  Before starting your roofing project, it is important to check your local and state websites in case there are restrictions. If you find a roofing contractor who is willing to service your home during this time, they typically do not need to enter your home to complete your roofing project. Depending on the damage to your roof, a roofing project should only take a few days to complete and shouldn't disrupt you in your home for very long.

We understand that homeowners still need help even during these times. Virus or no virus, if your roof needs replacing or repairing, it is dangerous to postpone. If you need a roof estimate, we can offer you a virtual quote. Family is important, and it is extremely vital to protect them! Your safety is our priority. Don’t postpone your roofing project, schedule your appointment today!