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Chelsea Roofing Contractors

When it comes to roofing, Roof Advance is your go-to company. We stand out from other Chelsea roofing contractors because we’ve been in the area for over two decades. We’ve been helping homeowners repair and replace their roofs since 1996. Our services include renovating traditional houses and multi-family roofs, so no matter what kind of residence you own, we can make sure your roof is in prime shape.

Some examples of the professional services we offer include:

Expert Roof Maintenance

We can send a team of roofing specialists to your home to perform an assessment of your roof. During this assessment, we will check for water damage in both the interior and exterior walls. We’ll also keep an eye out for any loose shingles, missing nails, or sealing issues around vents, chimneys, and exhaust fans.

A thorough roofing maintenance check can be your first line of defense against leaks that can quickly results in expensive repairs. By having one of our trained technicians inspect your home and make a roof repair when needed, you can save yourself money down the road.

Full-Service, Roof Replacement

Sometimes it is a better option to completely replace your roof. You may do this due to extensive damage that has already occurred, or you may wish to take preventive steps and install a roof that is a better fit for the weather conditions in your area.

A full roof replacement with our GAF Advanced Protection Shingles® can protect your home from intense wind gusts and storm damage, while our Atlas StormMaster® Shakes offer moisture-prone roofs protection from algae buildup.

Quick Skylights Installation

We offer an encompassing selection of skylights for all homes. From solar powered fresh air skylights to flat roof skylights, we can help brighten your home with extra sunshine. 

If you decide to install skylights, it is important to go with a roofing contractor that has extensive experience with this process. Incorrectly installed skylights can leak, causing damage to both your ceiling and inner walls. Roof Advance’s quarter of a century in the business has made us trusted professionals in the field.

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